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Great interview Miri. I love hearing some different takes on events. A few new and different things in there for me today which is always a good thing. Good to be introduced to another person on our side fighting the good fight. Another person to follow. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏼

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Many thanks, Gareth, glad you enjoyed it!

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Another great interview. Thanks, Miri. I think Jessica is right about focusing attention on the important issues and not getting side tracked.

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Thanks Priscilla, and indeed!

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Last week, Solari Report’s Money & Markets showed a chart (from Jessica H) where the spike in NYC weekly resident deaths at home in March/April 2020, co-incided with a downturn in home deaths autopsied. What a shocker!

But also, use cash over card or Apple Pay!

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Hi John.

Can you provide a link to the report you're referencing?

Thanks so much.

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Solari Report is Catherine Austin Fitts’ subscription platform. I have been a long term subscriber.


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The comments section of the above link, is fabulously lively. Do have a scan!!

I kinda get the point of 'Viruses Do Not EXist' being not important, or even

a 'Distraction'.!! A good fabricated example of this would be: a Rabid, angry

armchair warrior, on one of the compromised/controlled/captured 'anti-

social' media platforms, trying to tell some poor old dear; that her family

member didn't die of covid-19, because; viruses don't exist !! Not gonna

work, is it.!?

But people suggesting that disease and illness DO indeed exist; but

are Not passed on to others Via 'Pathogenic Viruses'.. NOR, do we get

these diseases or illnesses from other people -- by being Sneezed on.!!

Being and feeling unwell, is mostly a result of: Decay and/or Poisoning.

We're needing to 'own' our periods of unhealthiness; and for our bodies

to deal with it...


Great links in the above post: the Tom Cowan Video. And the huge Thread

by a geezer called Jamie, via X. Deffo recommend: covers a shit load of

ground. These guys are genuine and ligit; and aren't shoving anything in peoples

faces, or making unnecessary demands on anyones belief systems....


A great example above as to why some members of 'The Truth/Freedom

movement' - don't really want to discuss; or have the possibility of non-

existent viruses, out doing the rounds, as it were.?! Fascinating.

Do watch, and absorb, if you can. And the Beauty, beyond elegance, here

is: you don't even have to change your opinion.!!!

PS. Let's not forget Betsy; while I'm at it...

A wee history lesson..



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