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Miri and Jeff thank you both for a thoroughly enjoyable podcast. I am posting this on both your Substack comment threads as I have the good taste to subscribe to you both!

On the topic of fighting back, I am completely on board with the “go local and independent” approach to elections but in addition to that I wonder what you think about the prospects for more direct democracy measures which the Brexit referendum was a gratifying example of. The Swiss have their system of petitions attracting sufficient support leading to national referenda and I wonder if we have exploited sufficiently our petition processes. I can see Bob Moran’s point relating to petition fatigue:


but I was struck by the success of the following petition to the Welsh Senedd


against the blanket reduction of 30mph speed limits to 20mph in Wales. This petition garnered almost 470,000 signatures which I believe is more than the total votes cast for the governing party in the previous Senedd election. Compared to total electorate, I think this number would equate to over 8 million signatures for the whole UK. It has recently been announced by the new Welsh Transport Minister that this blanket speed limit reduction will be reversed. Eminently sensible Westminster parliamentary petitions seem to struggle to get over the 100,00 signature level which triggers consideration for parliamentary debate. As well as fatigue, this suggests social media suppression, shadow banning etc. Do you think there is merit in pushing resistance via this route too?

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Many thanks, Trevor, excellent points. Yes, Direct Democracy is a fantastic idea, although in the current climate, I feel many would reject this also as they would believe the votes would be rigged etc. So it's really important I think to get people to directly and personally engage with their local electoral processes so they can get personal verification that it's NOT rigged - not in the way they think, at least, in terms of shredding votes etc - certainly there is a lot of propaganda trying to sway voter behaviour, including encouraging people not to vote, but there's little evidence of any out-and-out sabotage - although I am aware postal votes do sometimes "go missing" (I think postal voting is the most vulnerable part of the system and would always strongly encourage people to go to the ballot box - is postal voting really more convenient when you still have to go to the post box?!).

Good point about petitions. It seems they can have some impact, but as you say, is often difficult to get the required traction for them. They seem to have fallen out of favour recently for the reasons Bob suggests, but perhaps a revival is in order?

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Very interesting chat about a broad range of topics.

Regarding UBI, as our market stall is in a town centre we come into contact with lots of different types of people. Many people that are in the benefits system (some for genuine reasons) have been out of the employment system for so long they will never return.

My biggest concern though is the university students. Many (not all) do not appear even close to entering the world of work and quite a lot would fall into the ‘unemployable’ category. The university does not seem to be equipping their students with the tools for a working life (allowing them to identify as furries etc), in fact they are creating a generation primed for a life of willingly accepting UBI. Sadly I can’t see how this can be prevented.

Thanks again for a thought provoking discussion 👍🏻

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Thank you, Mick, that's very interesting - and deeply troubling, as you say. I think you said something similar on my article about the "woke" and how the cultural tide is turning against them. As you say, these people have been intensively engineered to be unemployable - and that is entirely by design.

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Good. Thought provoking. Insightful...

I remember, not so much being enthraled by the Brexit vote/result [??]

but disgusted by the establishment reaction: Anna Soubry; the dispicable reprobate

that is David Lammy, the BBC, and the festering cesspit of seething British

hypocrisy, that barely stands in for something remotely resembling a '''MEDIA''

Service !! Ireland is lost to the EU... UK Fishing rights: a veritable nightmare. And we

still pay The EU Billions every year, [to be abused and humilated] wasn't it the

'Chequers agreement' which was written by the Oafs in Brussels, and a couple

'post it notes' from Theresa May's kitchen.? We're Besieged by EU dogma on a drearily

daily basis. More legislation now; than you can shake a filthy old stick at. As for

Immigration: christ, don't get me started. We never left The European [Union].

The sychophantic British press [and their masters] made sure of that.


As for George- garden waste- Galloway: that manoeuvre to shift him into the

Palace of Westminster; was never, by any stretch of the imagination, clean [ Gaza strip,

Anti semitism.? fabulous opportunities for Government to posture and preen; and ultimately

censor and shut down more of us.]. No. George is there to wind more of us up. To get under

folks' skin. To have us Gouging at our very own Eyes. It's almost Poetic..


Some kind of wretched collective dream, has occurred. We all went for a shower [ like Bobby

in Dallas], had a nap, and woke up several years later - to find we'd all been written back into

the dystopian nightmare that we were trying to escape from in the first place... the Digital

Communism; and utter control of all forms of Media. Ah, yes, the exsistential hell-hole, which

we're all basking in, right now.!!

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This was an excellent podcast, though I'd read Miri (and Jonathan Tilt) on being an independent candidate etc. The bit I was particularly interested in here was Miri's view of the new portrait of Charles III, which I personally find quite disgusting - he's either in hell fire or a sea of blood. It is absolutely horrible and I wouldn't have it on my walls if I was paid all the money in the world! How could he like it? I read Philip Mould's very laudatory article on it in the Daily Telegraph and couldn't believe that there were so many positive comments underneath, although fortunately there were also some who, like me, hated it. I'd be worried if I were C3!!

The other topic covered that I was interested in was the assassination attempt on Fico, the Slovakian prime minister. To me this is either 'them' trying to get rid of someone who doesn't follow their tune (as with the Tanzanian president who tested mangoes, melons, etc for Covid and they all came out positive, then he was murdered!) or it's a false flag for some other reason. If someone has been shot four times, would they bundle him quite roughly into the back of a car as they did? Surely, you shouldn't move someone with such severe injuries? Or am I getting this wrong? Whatever it is, it is dead fishy! I hope he survives.

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Thank you, Priscilla, and completely with you on C3 portrait! Some eagle-eyed persons on the internet have noted if you put it next to a mirror image of itself, the unmistakeable image of a demon (Baal) emerges...

Yes, all very strange about Fico. I'm sure more details (and theories!) will emerge soon.

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Yes, UKC in today's news picked up on the mirror image business. Charisma magazine called it Satanic, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

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