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Thanks Miri, you’ve confirmed my uneasy gut feelings about Malik. I haven’t listened to his interview with Bridgen and I won’t now.

Malik’s constant interruptions are very irritating and clearly the man prefers the sound of his own voice.

Abi Roberts had mentioned your post on her podcast so it piqued my interest. Massive respect for you and for Abi!

Thankyou for your clear, no-nonsense writing Miri, I appreciate it!

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Many thanks, Sinclairston, your support is much appreciated!

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Thanks as ever for making the effort to do an audio article - and it’s a long one too. In this saturated information war, it’s good to be able to multitask and discern.

I hadn’t listened to the Bridgen interview yet. Malik is actually one of the few (including you) I’m a paid subscriber to. He’s not an original thinker like you, his main vibe is that of someone who is only just waking up - with the charisma that is a mixture of disagreeability and extroversion. A lack of humility and boundary issues have been apparent in some of his stuff - but that is sometimes engaging to watch (a bit like Delingpole in that respect).

I do wish him well in his journey, but I’ll give this particular interview a miss. Thanks again for saving my time and helping me to hone my spidey senses.

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